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Angry Birds Chrome Game

angry birds chrome game

Angry Birds Google Chrome is constantly being updated and improved. It is a web browser version of the game made in HTML 5 and javascript. Since it's launch there has been many new levels added to the game including Season's Greedings - the second true Angry Birds game and the first season edition.

You can also play the original levels which are 'Poached Eggs and 'Mighty Hoax' along with a locked 'Chrome Dimension' bunch of levels which can only be played once you have completed all the other levels.

angry birds chrome series

Beyond the chrome versions this game also links to an Angry Birds 'Pistaschios' game and an Angry Birds 'Tyrkisk Peber' game. Both offer very fun alternatives. The Pistaschios version sees the pigs not only hiding behind flimsy barricades but also in Pistaschio shells! The Tyrkisk Peber version sees a volcanic and tropical background and there are tnt crates around the pigs so when the birds knock the barricades into them, they let off an almighty explosion.

Play more bird games like angry birds at this site. There have been many copies of Rio's classic but to be fair some are actually equally as enjoyable as the Rio's number one title and they are worth checking out, especially Ninja Dogs.

A walkthrough...

We thought we would give you a taste of how to complete the first 15 levels of the game to get you started so here it is, enjoy:

Level 1

Level one sees the pig hidden inside a tower of logs standing for all to see on the upper level. The angry bird launches himself via the sling shot directly at the tower destroying it plus the pig in the process. This will give you 5,000 points. The sound the angry bird makes is really funny a kind of WHEEE! You just know the pig has had it!

Level 2

Launch you first angry bird so that it hits the hill then ricochets back to knock off the last pig who is standing very precariously on a perch just waiting to be knocked off. This will then have a domino effect knocking down the preceding three pigs giving you 5,000 points per pig destroyed. Poor pigs no sense at all!

Level 3

On this level there is a boulder on a hill just waiting to be knocked off by your angry bird to hit the two silly pigs sitting on the ground below oblivious. The big smiley face sitting on the plinth says it all. No wonder the birds are laughing!

Level 4

This level is slightly more difficult as the pig is inside his house surrounded by logs. Aim your first bird directly at the logs and the exterior will begin to crumble. Your next bird should catapult hard enough to smash the rest of the building to bring it crashing down on top of the silly pig so completing the level.

Level 5

There are five pigs within a tower to destroy on this level. Aim your bird right at the centre of the towers roof and all the logs plus concrete will come tumbling down to destroy the pigs as the angry birds once again laugh away in the background.

Level 6

There are two stone and log towers on this level both housing a pig. Aim your first bird at the nearest tower, when it hits it should come crashing down taking the pig with it. Your next angry bird should be catapulted a little higher to hit the second tower giving you the same result.

Level 7

Two pigs are on the outer edge of the building on this level. Aim your bird at the concrete block at the base of the tower. This will shake the foundations bringing down the whole lot including the two pigs on the outer edges.

Level 8

The building on this level looks like a fortress. On the top of the chimney are three dodgily placed boulders plus on either side of the roof are 3 coloured blocks. Behind the blocks are two pigs with another two stupid pigs for all to see on ledges lower down the building. Fire a high arc shot so it hits the three boulders on top so in turn they will come crashing down bringing everything in their path down at the same time and yes you guessed, including the pigs!

Level 9

This level sees our silly pigs equally spaced out ready to be annihilated. There are two towers made of concrete and wood. Inside each tower is a pig the remaining pig sits in between the two at the bottom on a ledge. Aim your angry bird at the nearest tower with all the force you can muster as it hits and the tower collapses it will start a domino effect that will destroy the other tower plus all this will land on pig number three on the bottom plinth.

Level 10

On this level there are two hills one higher than the other. On each hill is a concrete tower with blue bricks resting on top. Within the towers? Yes two stupid pigs. Aim your little blue angry bird using an arc and as it reaches the top of the screen it will explode releasing three small birds that will smash some of the blue bricks. Aim your next bird in the same way and it will again explode into three birds taking away more blue blocks on both towers. Third time lucky! Aim your bird again so when he explodes into three he will hit both towers bringing them tumbling down so crushing the pigs.

Level 11

On top of a small hill is a tower built from wood, concrete blocks and blue blocks. On top of the tower between two blocks of concrete is a pig. Behind the tower on the hill is another pig while behind that is a smaller tower with a larger pig sitting pretty on top for all to see. It isn't actually a difficult shot just aim at the first tower so the knock on effect is for it to tumble bringing down the smaller tower along with the big fat very silly pig!

Level 12

Here we have a tower made of blue shaped blocks and wooden logs while hiding within are three evil pigs! Fire your first little blue bird directly at the tower as it explodes mid air it will release three birds that will smash through the top levels of the tower taking out the first pig. Aim your next shot at a lower angle and it will hit the remaining level of the tower destroying it. Lastly aim the last little blue bird at a low angle so as it explodes into three it will hit the two remaining pigs.

Level 13

This level has two little pigs plus one big fat one you have to destroy. The tower consists of concrete, wood and blue glass blocks so aim right for the middle of the tower with your little blue bird who will explode into three on impact so destroying the lot.

Level 14

This level is slightly different as the pigs are sitting beneath a floating tower of boulders and blocks. Aim a well arced shot up at the floating tower so as the bird hits the boulders come tumbling down squashing all the pigs sitting in a row just waiting to be squashed!

Level 15

The pigs are sitting within what looks like ramparts of a castle made of different coloured blocks. Aim your first blue bird high so it will explode releasing three more birds that will hit two parts of the tower killing two pigs. Aim your second shot along the same arc and it should explode taking out the rest of the blocks plus the remaining pig.

Now you know how to complete all 15 levels